London Heathrow Olympic Portal gets Suredeck Antislip Decking

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Aug 29 2012 at 9:57 AM
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In order to provide reception facilities for the olympic athletes and officials, British Airports Authority created a temporary terminal at Heathrow Airport. This major enterprise required the provision of a main terminal building, complete with both passenger and baggage handling facilities, together with Amenity blocks and office accomodation. Ingress and egress to these facilities was accomplished by a series of elevated platforms, accessed by steps or ramps. Antislip floor surfaces were an essential requirement and Suredeck panels, manufactured by J A Stevenson Ltd proved the ideal solution. These 24mm thick ready surfaced panels could be set down onto simple subframes and the facility used immediately. The steps were supplied preformed, cut to size and pre-surfaced.

All work was completed on time.

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