Off Street/Platform Edge Warning System - Surface Mounted Tactile Systems

Surface Mounted Tactile SysteThe Off Street/Platform Edge profile has been designed to cater for the growing demands of DDA Compliance within the rail network.

It has been widely adopted and approved throughout the network as it offers:-

"The purpose of this surface is to advise visually impaired
people of the edge of all off street railway platforms.

Department for Transport (DFT) Document 1998.

Segregated Shared Cycle Track/Footway Surface

As illustrated in the image, The Segregated Shared Cycle Profile has been fitted to an existing footway without the need for excavation this minimizing disruption and labour costs.

"The purpose of the tactile surface used in conjunction with a segregated shared cycle track/footway is to advise visually impaired people of the correct side to enter."

Department for Transport (DFT) Document 1998.

As illustrated guidance path profile can be fitted to virtually any surface for fast and easy DDA compliance.

"The purpose of the guidance path surface is to guide visually impaired people along a route when the traditional cues, such as a property line or kerb edge are not available. It can also be used to guide people around obstacles, for example street furniture is a pedestrianized area. The surface has been designed so that people can be guided along the route either by working on the tactile surface or by maintaining contact with a long cane."

Department for Transport (DFT) Document 1998.


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